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The Balanced Embouchure Jeff Smiley.pdf __EXCLUSIVE__

a player may find it difficult to practice on an embouchure that is too closed. this may cause muscle fatigue and result in either a smaller or a larger embouchure. a player may find it difficult to practice on an embouchure that is too open. this may result in a large embouchure that may cause speech difficulties.

The Balanced Embouchure Jeff Smiley.pdf

i have been teaching trumpet for 23 years, and i am a big fan of the farkas approach to the embouchure. i have worked with others who are fans of it, and some who are not. i have not personally worked with jeff smiley and thus am not qualified to comment on his book, but i have read enough reviews on amazon to be able to say a few things. the book is a book about the trumpet embouchure. it is written for trumpet players, and it is accessible to them. i will say that some of the language is a bit academic (which i think is a good thing in a book, but many of the trumpet players i know are not going to read a book like that. i would say that if you need to make a trumpet book that is accessible to people, this book may not be for you.

i have met and played with jeff smiley, and i would agree with the other reviewers who have said that he is an engaging and charismatic teacher and performer. i have been fortunate to have had some time with him in the past few years and have taken lessons from him. i think he is a wonderful teacher. his book is one that i would recommend to trumpet players who have been working on the embouchure, but i think it would be better suited to students who are looking for a trumpet teacher. one of the things that has struck me about him is his approach to the embouchure, and his approach is the very approach that farkas presents in his book.


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