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Naughty Seal Audio Perfect Drums Factory Library ((EXCLUSIVE))

This library is also very exciting for me, because I did not need to change any settings to enable the different drum kits to playback properly. I just chose one of the drum kits and it played perfectly like it was record in a real studio.

naughty seal audio perfect drums factory library

I have to say, I was not that impressed by the drum sounds of Perfect Drums. I expected the software to have better drum sounds. Maybe, this can be fixed in the next SSD update. I also noticed, that there are better drum kits created by other companies.

It is the keystone of a recording studio and mixes all the instruments together in the perfect harmony. Also, the art of recording drums is a bit outdated. For the last years, samples were used and most of them did not come with presets.

For these many years, I used to create virtual drum kits from scratch, but for some time now, I needed a better way to incorporate great samples that I am using, so I combined various sample library, pro audio plugins and in the end, also old hardware. For example, I only needed to limit my possibilities as a sample maker to ease the learning curve, but all the hardware was the best around. A good example is the Generic DAW Format (GDAX), which I used to load up my old Hardware Firewire cards and e17 was my main codec (because I could reverse engineer it).

The first name I remember was "Extended DRUMS" by the wonderful Mathieu Borchardt and Moritz Borchardt, which I used back in 2007/2008 to create my drum library. They used to be working at Sire. They made a full set of drums sound. I found it to be very inspiring and I wanted to work in the same field. In this way, they recorded a lot of different drum kits in a professional studio.


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