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Ferrè, Elisa Raffaella and Kaliuzhna, M. and Herbelin, B. and Haggard, P. and Blanke, O. (2014)Vestibular-somatosensory interactions: effects of passive whole-body rotation on somatosensory detection. PLoS One 9 (1), e86379. ISSN 1932-6203.

GiS - Hole for a Hole - Christian Wilde, Nick T...

Leung, C. and Dudkina, N.V. and Lukoyanova, Natalya and Hodel, A.W. and Farabella, I. and Pandurangan, A.P. and Jahan, N. and Pires Damaso, M. and Osmanović, D. and Reboul, C.F. and Dunstone, M.A. and Andrew, P.W. and Lonnen, R. and Topf, Maya and Saibil, Helen R. and Hoogenboom, B.W. (2014)Stepwise visualization of membrane pore formation by suilysin, a bacterial cholesterol-dependent cytolysin. eLife 3 , ISSN 2050-084X.

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Kim, Byeong-Cheon and Walker, Martin and Jo, Seong-Yong and Wilson, Mark R. and Takezoe, Hideo and Choi, Suk-Won (2018) 'Effect of terminal chain length on the helical twisting power in achiral bent-core molecules doped in a cholesteric liquid crystal.', RSC advances., 8 (3). 1292-1295 .

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Norris, S.L and Evans, D.J.A. and O Cofaigh, C. (2018) 'Geomorphology and till architecture of terrestrial palaeo-ice streams of the southwest Laurentide Ice Sheet : a borehole stratigraphic approach.', Quaternary science reviews., 186 . pp. 186-214. 041b061a72


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