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Holger Kirsten Jesus Lived In India Pdf Free Download

Holger Kersten: Jesus Lived in India

Holger Kersten is a German writer and researcher who has published several books on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. One of his most controversial and popular works is Jesus Lived in India: His Unknown Life Before and After the Crucifixion, which was first published in 1983 and has been translated into several languages.

In this book, Kersten claims that Jesus survived the crucifixion and traveled to India, where he lived for many years, learned from Hindu and Buddhist masters, and died at an old age. He also argues that Jesus was influenced by Indian spirituality and philosophy before his ministry in Palestine, and that he visited India during his "lost years" between the ages of 12 and 30.


Kersten bases his claims on various sources, such as ancient scriptures, historical records, archaeological evidence, oral traditions, and legends. He also cites the findings of other researchers, such as Nicolas Notovitch, who claimed to have seen a document called the Life of Saint Issa in a Tibetan monastery, which allegedly described Jesus' travels to India and Tibet.

Kersten's book has attracted both praise and criticism from different quarters. Some people have welcomed his alternative perspective on Jesus' life and teachings, while others have dismissed it as unfounded and sensationalist. Some scholars have challenged his interpretation of the sources and his methodology, while others have acknowledged the possibility of some connections between Christianity and Eastern religions.

Regardless of one's opinion on Kersten's thesis, his book is undoubtedly an interesting and provocative read that invites the reader to explore the mysteries of Jesus' life and the diversity of religious traditions. It also raises questions about the origins and development of Christianity, and its relationship with other faiths.

If you are interested in reading Kersten's book, you can find it online for free download at [1], [2], or [3].


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