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Buy Biltong Maker

The BiltongMate boasts a cool design that is sure to turn heads, and is compact enough to fit conveniently on your kitchen counter, yet large enough to create up to 9 large slabs of biltong per batch. Crafted from crystal clear acrylic panels and stainless steel, its patented design has a sleek look that will make it an accent piece in your home, and a great conversation starter when entertaining. Whether you have guests to impress, want to take an exotic gift to friends, or desperately need to tame that biltong craving before it goes rogue, BiltongMate has you covered!

buy biltong maker

Create your own mouth-wateringly delicious biltong in New Zealand with the Mellerware Biltong King. The Biltong King comes with hanging rods for biltong and droëwors. It also has drying shelves included for your dried fruit and vegetables, the continuous airflow to speed up the drying process. The Biltong king has a light fitting to reduce the moisture build-up. The new easy to assemble design makes the Mellerware biltong king a must-have for all.

I am originally from South Africa and have only recently settled in New Zealand. New Zealand is fantastic except its hard to get decent biltong for a reasonable price and I love biltong. I lived on the stuff when I was back home especially during the rugby season.

We stock The Biltong King which comes with hanging rods for biltong and droëwors. It also has drying shelves included for your dried fruit and vegetables, the continuous air flow to speed up the drying process. The Biltong King has a light fitting to reduce the moisture build up. The new easy to assemble design makes the Mellerware Biltong King a must have for all Biltong Enthusiasts.

Cut two large windows on each side of the box (approx 30 cm x 15 cm) - Stick Cheesecloth (we prefer this one - available at CheeseLab -cheese-cloth or a mesh over the windows with some tape (duct tape works well). The windows will let air circulate to help dry the biltong.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the box to fit the fan. The hole should be small enough to you can squeeze the fan in (any excess space will need to be filled as bugs will be able to get to your biltong). Tie the fan to the box with zip ties to keep it secure.

Use a pencil or something sharp to make holes for the dowel sticks to fit into snugly. Make sure you leave enough space between the dowel sticks ( about 6 cm) as the biltong must have air circulating around it and it should not touch other pieces.

Hang the biltong and switch on the fan. Cover the top with a large cutting board or tape to seal it off (and avoid bugs). Leave the fan running for 3 to 7 days - depending on how dry you like your biltong.

Use lean meat thickness from .5", soak in vinegar for 24 hours, pat dry, rub in salt(ground), black pepper(ground) and any other herbs and spices you fancy.There will be a 70% reduction in the meat (moisture), the thicker the meat the longer you need to dry it to the way you like it. Growing up in South Africa my father would cut slices of biltong that was quite red in the middle and the fry them on a dry hot plate, BEST grilled steak I ever tasted!

No need to worry about temp or humidity the bulb inside the box creates an exhaust effect heating and drying out the air in the process. Three days is the ideal time for chewy biltong four days for hard.

The biltong or raw meat does not need a specific temperature to dry out, drying it out faster with a higher wattage bulb consequently higher temperature will cook the meat, eg. 70C WILL cook the meat. Ideally your box should have holes in the bottom of the box if it has feet or around the sides and holes at the top of the box. Hot air rises thus drawing air in from the bottom and leaving at the top (exhaust effect). Measure a 20 and 40 watt bulb with a digital meter, use a heating element (one with a silicon coating on it), a cube with one yard sides would need a 40 watt bulb, smaller less wattage.

Yes, putting foil on the inside WILL help, I have biltong maker from South Africa about that size and it has a 20 watt heater in it and takes 3 days to give a soft biltong, 4 days for hard, 5 days for very dry. Humidity is a major factor on how long it is in the box. Growing up in South Africa people used to use the old fashioned tea chests to make biltong and the used a 40 watt bulb, smaller the area less wattage.

The key features include a powerful and reliable 500w motor with super quiet operation, 6 stainless steel trays (can be expanded to 9 trays), a biltong hanging rack with stainless steel drying hooks, digital touch screen control panel, with temperature setting options of between 25 and 75 degrees C and a digital timer control to set a drying period of up to 72 hours and removable drip trays for easy cleaning.

Create your own delicious biltong at home with the Mellerware Biltong King. The Biltong King comes with hanging rods for biltong and droëwors. It also has drying shelves included for your dried fruit and vegetables, the continuous air flow to speed up the drying process.

Would you like to create your own delicious biltong at home? @food Culture can help you! Invest in our Mellerware Biltong King and make your lovely biltong without any hassle. Our Biltong King is quite affordable and you will surely get the value of your investment. It comes with hanging rods for biltong and droëwors. It also has drying shelves included for your dried fruit and vegetables, the continuous air flow to speed up the drying process. Due to our Biltong Maker, you will no longer looking for shops that offer you its mouth-watering taste.We at @food Culture pride ourselves on delivering not only tasty Biltong but also high-quality Biltong Maker. You will also get a 2-year warranty, so you will have peace of mind that you are buying an excellent product. It has a stylish and modern appearance, so it will complement your kitchen perfectly. The maximum performance you will get from this Biltong Maker will certainly leave you stunned. We are sure you will love this tidy and compact design of our unique product. It stands out in the market due to its chic look, therefore, look no further and order it.We are extremely proud of our Biltong maker and the amazing quality we bring to the market. Note that only top grade components are used to bring you a quality product at a fantastic price. Just contact us and we will provide more details.

As a general rule, you need a light bulb in a biltong box when your outside humidity is high (greater than 55%). The lightbulb is designed to lower the relative humidity and create a convection airflow inside the box, creating an environment for the biltong to air dry.

So when you add a light bulb inside the biltong maker, you lower the relative humidity. Even though the moisture content in the box is exactly the same, you have raised the amount of water content the air can hold.

So setting up a light fitting just below air vents at the bottom of a biltong maker will bring fresh air into the box, lower its relative humidity and cause evaporation as it rises before being expelled through air vents at the top of the biltong box.

Heating mats are typically used to warm soil and allow for faster germination of seeds. These can be easily fitted to the bottom of your biltong box to add heat to the bottom, creating the same effect as the light bulb.

Biltong is a classic South African-style jerky. It is typically a raw beef that is heavily seasoned and air-cured for several days. To make it, first marinate your meat in red wine vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. Then, rub the meat with a seasoning mix for extra flavor. The spice mix is the most important part of making biltong! After the meat marinates for 12-24 hours, hang it to dry for 3-5 days. With a bit of patience, you can easily make delicious biltong!

This is, of course, a little open to personal taste- you may like a succulently moist piece, while a friend may delight in crispy chili snaps- but there is a sweet spot every biltong maker should know.

The ideal temperature and drying time for biltong is 22C to 24C for the first 24 hours and thereafter at 30C to 33C for two days. Keeping below 24C in the initial phases stops the fats from going rancid.

A common question, especially those new to biltong: How does one properly store biltong? The most common and easiest answer: You don't! It's eaten.Jokes aside, properly storing your uneaten biltong is important, and can make the difference between having your much looked forward to kosher biltong ready to eat, or opening a bag and being greeted by unappetizing sights or smells.Biltong is cured, and then air dried. It is not cooked, heated or smoked. This gives it a unique method for removing harmful bacteria and parasites and at the same time giving it longer food preservation which reduces further bacterial contamination down the road. This also allows it to be stored differently than regularly cooked meat. It can be stored (when done properly) outside of a fridge, without it turning bad or harmful to eat.But! Biltong can become moldy, and believe it or not, it's a common enough occurrence both in home made biltong boxes as well as more sophisticated machines. This happens when there is moisture in the air but no circulation, either from too much in the box at one time, the biltong is packed too close to each other, or air circulation is poor. However, it can also occur after curing if storage conditions are poor. Still today in butcheries in South Africa or anywhere that you can purchase fresh biltong directly from the biltong maker, you have the ability to buy it according to weight, and take it home in a brown paper bag. Anywhere outside of these establishments, your biltong will arrive pre-packaged. Either vacuum packed, or sealed with an oxygen absorber inserted with it, or in some cases nitrogen gas is used to replace the oxygen. All are safe options for being able to store your biltong long term. The reason for this is oxygen, the gas in its pure form or when in the air around us, can cause food to oxidize that can that then encourage the growth of microorganisms. Not what we want!So after all that, lets talk about what you can do with your biltong, and what you can do to prevent any of the above. These suggestions apply to your favorite zbiltong products, but is applicable to any biltong you may have, even your secret home made stash!Best: Fridge or freezer. 041b061a72


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