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When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, "There are no second acts in American lives," he was ruefully noting the early rise and fall of celebrated people. Last century, success was a young man's game, and so was failure. But today's Americans might take Fitzgerald's jeremiad as a compliment: there are no second acts because they prolong the first act forever; they work and play hard to extend adolescence for another 40, 50 years. It's hard work, consuming all that wheat germ and Viagra, but it's worth it to stay tan, teen and terrific. Besides, the alternative is so unattractive. To be old in America is almost as uncool as being poor.

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Four guys doing something kooky-that sounds like a teen-hormone romp. But the Space Cowboys quartet has been alive for a cumulative 261 years, and in films for 156. They're too mature to fiddle with bra straps or play with pastry. Besides, Eastwood is a gentleman of sorts, so-except for displaying the four men's naked behinds, which is quite an archaeological sight-he will embarrass neither them nor us. Directing from a script by Ken Kaufman and Howard Klausner, he finds fresh breezes in familiar vectors: the residual rivalry of Frank and Hawk, the tensions between the ancient astronauts and the modern ones, the impact of decay and disease on minds that are still bright, wills that are still strong.

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J. Fifteen high-schoolers in Halloween costumes were trick-or-treating at 9:18 p.m. Oct. 26 on Ann Rita Drive and Macaulay Drive. The teens admitted to knocking on doors and telling people "Happy Halloween" and asking for candy. Police asked them to cease their actions immediately.

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It was late August, and depending on whom you asked, MySpace was either a Web 2.0 prophet or the devil gone digital. While the business world was reading about the social networking site's $900 million deal with Google, its expansion into Australia and its mention on Time's list of the 50 coolest websites, the security community was riveted by a different set of headlines. "Two teens arrested in MySpace hack," read one. "Three teens accused of sexually assaulting girl they met on," read another. A third: "Man accused of raping MySpace date."

Nigam, a 42-year-old born in India and raised in Connecticut, took the stage, where he spoke both with the command of a seasoned federal prosecutor of child crimes and the empathy of a father of four. He described MySpace's 24-hour hotline for law enforcement, its track record of helping to find teenage runaways as well as rapists, and its efforts to get IP addresses and other crucial information to officers as quickly as possible. His words seemed to have their desired effect: Afterward, more than 90 percent of those assembled gave his talk a positive rating. 041b061a72


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