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Where To Buy Mamma Chia Drinks

This recipe is amazing!! My mom has barely been able to eat lately, the Mamma Chia drinks are one of the only things she can drink. She is not the easiest to please right now?, but she loves this recipe! It tastes just like the Mamma Chia drinks. I soak the chia in coconut water for the added electrolytes. Thank you for this wonderful and super easy recipe!?

where to buy mamma chia drinks

I tried this! I am in love with mamma chia,but it is WAY to expensive!!!! This recipe is amazing! It tastes just as good as mamma chia! I will now use mamma natural from now on!!! ? ? Thank You!!

And not only are chia drinks super delicious, but you also get all sorts of health benefits from the chia seeds. Think protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The Mamma Chia "chia seed beverage" is being marketed as "a fun and delicious way to incorporate this powerful seed into your everyday life!" There are nine varieties to choose from, and several of them just arrived at Gothamist HQ, where reaction was mixed. It comes in flavors like Coconut Mango and Blackberry Hibiscus, and each bottle is packed with thousands of little chia seeds floating in a viscous liquid.

"The keto lifestyle has opened a lot of eyes to the surprising amount of added sugars in many foods and drinks. From the very beginning when I was mixing up chia beverages in my own kitchen, we have made chia products with lower sugar than most beverages on the market. We know that our loyal fans prefer it this way and we wanted to challenge ourselves to bring our sugar content even lower to meet evolving needs without sacrificing taste," said Janie Hoffman, Founder and CEO of Mamma Chia. "With everything we do, we start with the well-being of our consumers in mind, and we also know anything we make must taste great. We are thrilled with how delicious and satisfying our keto-friendly formulas are with just the right touch of sweetness."

I've seen chia seeds in breakfast cereals, snack bars and oatmeal, but never in beverages. I recently tried Mamma Chia, a line of chia-infused drinks, and I was surprised by how much I liked them! Chia seeds become sort of creamy and thick (like tapioca, but not quite) when in liquid form, and they actually are a fun addition to a beverage. My favorite Mamma Chia flavor was the Guava Mama variety (yum). 041b061a72


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