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Buy Christmas Tree Chicago

Since pioneering online Christmas tree delivery, setup, and removal in 2009, City Tree Delivery continues to satisfy customers with the the best Fraser Firs, Balsam Firs, and service around. As a locally-owned small business, City Tree Delivery focuses on being a responsive, sustainable neighborhood partner. We locally source all our Fraser Firs, and we donate a portion of all profits to local schools, parks, and other green charities.

buy christmas tree chicago


I just had my tree delivered by 2 of your delivery men who may I say were 2 of the nicest and politest gentlemen I have met in a while...I have had other Christmas tree services before and they pale in comparison to what you provide, the tree is beautiful and everything I expected from your on-line ad.

Soak up some country air while you shop at this farm in McHenry, Illinois. The owners and volunteers grow the trees organically with no use of pesticides whatsoever, with a portion of sales donated to Environmental Defenders of McHenry County. So take your pick and they'll shake and bale it for you. All trees $80, cash or check only. Opens November 25.

Driving time from Chicago: One hours and 15 minutesThis Wilmington farm will provide the saws, so all you need to do is withstand the wind chill to find and cut down your own tree. Enjoy this no-frills experience with plenty of pines and firs to choose from, including a select number of the popular and hard-to-find Canaan fir variety. All trees $65. Opens November 25.

Driving time from Chicago: One hourThis spot in Spring Grove serves guests an all-out holiday experience. In addition to supplying your sapling, the popular seasonal destination provides complimentary hot chocolate and coffee inside a large heated barn. Catch a free wagon ride to haul your tree back to the barn while you munch on homemade kettle corn and freshly-baked doughnuts. All trees $79. Opens November 25.

Driving time from Chicago: 45 minutesThis hidden spot in Cary is a basic tree farm, with saws, shaking and baling provided. Pine-Apple is known for its impressive stock of Fraser firs, trees with good needle retention so you don't have to do too much cleanup in the living room corner. Don't forget to bring a pair of work gloves! Pines $80, firs and spruces $100. Opens November 26.

Ivy's Christmas Trees only offers top quality Fraser Fir from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The Blue Ridge Mountain climate, coupled with its fertile soil, provides the perfect growing grounds for premium grade Fraser Fir trees: long considered the Rolls Royce of Christmas trees.

Monica's pick: I've used a fake tree for 15 years but love to visit my local Lakeview lot, Ivy's Christmas Trees. At Sheffield and Roscoe, Ivy Speck has been selling mostly Fraser firs for 32 years.

State of play: Our readers, who voted between Justin and Monica's picks, are split right down the middle on the great Christmas tree debate, with real trees enjoying a tiny piney edge in our informal poll.

Four generations and counting of growing and retailing our family grown Christmas trees. Bringing the centerpiece of Christmas to Chicago is our passion and family tradition! A lot goes into growing great trees - Click here to learn about the process and our different types of Christmas Trees.

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Spruces come in colors ranging from dark green to icy blue, but they all share one thing in common; incredibly sharp needles. While they make terrific trees for outdoor decorating, they do not hold up very well to the dry air indoors. If you select a spruce, it is critical that it is kept away from any sources of heat that might dry it out. The branches are strong and can support ornaments well, and their color range is quite appealing. When used properly, spruce can be an excellent plant for holiday decorating.

Pines are another popular Christmas tree. The most commonly available pines are white pine and Scots pine. Pines feature long needles and tend to have a more clumpy look on the branches so the overall effect is less formal than the firs and spruce. The branches are generally more stiff than other evergreens, which makes them great for hanging ornaments. The biggest downside to pines is that they often turn a duller green for the winter. Many tree lots dye them a darker green to make them more attractive.

The tree, which has adorned the front lawn of a Morton Grove home for decades, beat out more than 80 entries when it was selected to be the city of Chicago's 109th annual "official" Christmas tree for 2022.

"We watched the tree get old" the Morton Grove family says. "It was a backdrop for many family pictures. It used to be only as high as my husband, and he used to decorate it. After that, we watched it grow. It was just a matter of time before we have to cut it down -- but it's going out with a boom."

From there, it'll be decorated and spruced up, the city says, before it arrives at its new home in Millennium Park for the holiday season, beginning with the annual tree lighting ceremony on Nov. 18 in Millennium Park.

Trees collected at the Holiday Tree Recycling events are turned into mulch. Mulching trees is far more earth-friendly than sending them to landfills. By foregoing the landfill, your tree won't be rotting away releasing greenhouse gas emissions or taking up landfill space; instead, the mulch it creates will be used to benefit plants and soil at local parks and forests.

Only live/natural trees without flocking are accepted. Garlands and wreaths are not accepted. Because the trees are turned into mulch, all tinsel, ornaments, lights, and stands must be removed. Plastic bags used for transport should also be removed before putting trees into the stalls.

In 2020, 22,236 Christmas trees were mulched through the Holiday Tree Recycling events, a whopping 25% increase over the previous year. That's equal to diverting approximately 775,000 pounds from landfills.

The Chicago Botanic Garden is bringing back its experiential Lightscape experience for another year. The awe-inspiring display is set along a mile-long path where visitors can admire multi-sensory light installations by artists from around the world. Experiences include the towering Winter Cathedral, fire-filled sculptures, singing trees, and more. Make sure to purchase your timed tickets in advance.

The centerpiece of the Christmas Around the World exhibit is the four-story Grand Tree, surrounded by a forest of more than 50 trees decorated to represent holiday traditions from cultures around the globe. Plus, abundant glittering lights and the occasional snow shower add to the festive feel.

After Christmas, click here to find how how and where to easily recycle or dispose of your Christmas tree! And to recycle used, broken or old Christmas lights and electronics See this page for local options to easily recycle your Christmas holiday lights. There are affiliate links on this page. Read our disclosure policy to learn more.

April 2023: Tree supplies are looking good, but expect prices to be WAY up this year. It's always smart to get to the tree farm early and tag or reserve your tree, if they allow it. Many tree farms allow tagging starting in mid-November.

In this Monday, Dec. 9, 2019, photo, a North Carolina Fraser fir Christmas tree is for sale in Lenoir, N.C. A Christmas tree shortage is being blamed on the Great Recession. Poor sales a decade ago, limited the number of trees planted, which are being harvested this year. (AP Photo / Sarah Blake Morgan)

Christmas tree supplies are tight again this year across the United States, depending upon location and seller. The industry is still bouncing back from the Great Recession and trying to win people back from a shift toward artificial trees when times were especially tough.

Industry officials say not to worry: Everyone who wants a last-minute tree should be able to find one. It just might take a little more searching, especially if customers want a specific type, and you might have to pay a little more.

An oversupply of trees about a decade ago caused a domino effect nationwide. Subsequently, fewer trees were cut down, which meant not as many seedlings were planted to replace them. Hot, dry weather also took its toll, forcing many growers to close.

Oregon has the highest annual production of Christmas trees, followed by North Carolina and Michigan. In Oregon, where some tree farms comprise thousands of acres, Kirchem Farm owner Cher Tollefson in Oregon City closed her 100-acre business this holiday season for the first time in nearly three decades, citing a lack of trees. 041b061a72


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