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Create Seamless HDRI Sky Panoramas with Physical Sky Plugin Cinema 4d

EJ Hassenfratz (05:38): And it is pretty substantial. It's pretty robust. So let me go ahead. And I have another project here that I made completely inside of the light version, and you can see what kind of scenes you can build up. I have all the lights here. Uh, we have area lights, which is one of the most accurate lights, cinema 4d, uh, outside of the PBR light. You can see here physically, uh, based light. And we have, there's an instance there. I got all these different objects and basically what, what I've done in this scene is I've used either your basic primitive, 3d shapes, okay? Like your cubes, your tourists, all that stuff. And then basically created different shapes using splines, and then use all these different generator objects to then build out the scene. So let's see this little cactus guy, this, uh, this little pot is a lave and a lave basically takes a spline and sweeps it around.

Download Physical Sky Plugin Cinema 4d


EJ Hassenfratz (12:32): So you might be wondering, well, that completely stops me from working at this. Like, I don't want to build this scene and then I have no way to render out my scene here. You might be, you might be thinking now, like, what's the point then? Well, there's actually a workaround. Okay. So let's just go ahead and jump into after effects. All right. So here we are an after effects. And one of the cool things about cinema 4d in general is the powerful integration with after effects. So one of the cool things you can actually import a cinema 4d file here. So I'm going to go and grab my cinema 4d light scene demo. Again, you have access to this file. So go ahead and download it so you can follow along and I'm just going to open this. Okay. And you're going to see that the cinema 4d file imported into after effects, just like any other asset or footage.

EJ Hassenfratz (22:44): So that is pretty limiting, but as I showed you, there is a ton of geometry you can make just by combining different types of those primitive, 3d shapes together with things you can generate based off of splines. So some of the other major things that aren't included in light are the ability to utilize advanced render engines like physical render pro renderer, and third-party render engines like Redshift and octane that are becoming industry standards that allow you to render scenes, especially photo realistic scenes, way faster than standard render engine that is included in cinema 4d light. So many of the advanced materials shaders aren't included in light either. So you're pretty limited to the types of materials you can create, but you still have a lot of ability there. And if you'd like to create cell shaded, cartoony renders, unfortunately that sketch and Toon render, which I really love to use that turns your 3d renders into cartoony outlined renders is not in light either.

EJ Hassenfratz (23:47): So speaking of third party things like renderers, cinema 4d light does not allow you to install or use any plugin. So anything from grayscale gorilla, or if you've heard of X particles, which is a popular particle and dynamic system, that's becoming industry standard for a lot of cinema, 4d artists, all of those things will not be usable. No plug-ins whatsoever. So that's kind of a biggie. All right. So that covers some of the major differences between light and studio versions of cinema 4d. And like I said before, one of the most important things about the light version is that if you're wanting to learn cinema 4d, it removes any excuses of you not actually learning cinema 4d. If you have a creative cloud subscription, boom, you have a version of cinema 4d that for beginners is perfect because again, you have the full interface or most of the interface, uh, you can get used to how cinema 4d works, the workflow.

ProWalker GPU created by Cadalog, Inc. provides SketchUp users with photorealistic, interactive rendering of still images and animations. This plugin brings physically based materials, lighting and environments to the Sketchup community.

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