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Buy Moissanite Online

We went over the environmentally friendly benefits of moissanite vs. a diamond, that is mined from the ground, and the fact that you could probably get a larger gem for a better price than a diamond, while still keeping - if not exceeding - the quality.

buy moissanite online

To be honest I was a little nervous ordering something like this online without seeing it in person, but I was blown away by the beauty and quality of the craftsmanship of these rings. It was exactly what I could see on my future bride.

Moissanite Outlet is your top destination for moissanite jewelry at the best price. We offer a wide variety of jewelry styles ranging from engagement rings, to stud earrings, to tennis bracelets and more.

Moissanite has been called "Space Diamond" and "Stardust" because it is believed that naturally occurring moissanite has been found in meteorites. This colorless gemstone was discovered by Henri Moissan, a French scientist who had been digging around in crater in Arizona in 1893. He originally thought he'd found a diamond, but it turned out to be an entirely new gemstone that would be called moissanite.

There's a lot of conflicting information about moissanite stones. Is it a diamond? Is it a fake diamond? A diamond simulant? A gemstone? There are many misconceptions and preconceived notions of this flashy stone. Naturally occurring moissanite is so rare in existence, that all moissanite jewelry is created in a laboratory.

Brilliant Earth also offers you the unique experience of being able to choose a loose moissanite online. Out of the few popular retailers online that do sell moissanite usually sell it as a whole engagement ring rather than loose stone and setting.

The moissanite qualities seem to be separated into three categories: standard, premium, and super premium. Both premium and super premium are labeled while standard isn't. I also like that they have a variety of different moissanite shapes to choose from.

Brilliant Earth's ring settings are among my personal favorites because they have a lot of different styles that I don't see on other retailer sites. And the fact that you can choose your own setting for the moissanite center stone you've picked out id hard to do without having to leave your home.

Moissanite rings make a fine choice for someone who wants an alternative to the diamond. Perhaps they want something different, or perhaps they're looking for something more affordable that looks like a real diamond. Whatever the case may be, moissanite makes a good engagement ring.

Moissanites aren't changed by heat like diamonds, so there's no need to worry about a jeweler's torch altering it during repairs. They are also brighter and flashier than diamonds, especially in sunlight. Some find it a bit too much for everyday wear, so you should see videos of moissanite in the sunlight before choosing it as an engagement ring.

The main drawback to having a moissanite ring is that it doesn't usually have a trade in value and it's almost as expensive as a real diamond. Natural diamonds have both trade-in and investment values. For diamond engagement rings with a trade-in benefit, check out James Allen's lifetime upgrade benefits here.

Moissanite rings are definitely one of the pricier diamond alternatives, but they don't cost as much as diamonds. It's not uncommon for a moissanite center stone to be thousands of dollars. But when compared to a diamond, there is a distinct difference in cost.

A nice quality one carat moissanite should only set you back about $500, while the average price of a high quality diamond is $4,000. But the price of moissanite engagement rings depend on the company and if it's a premium moissanite. Moissanite rings should never cost more than a natural diamond engagement ring.

Natural diamonds follow the grading scale set forth by the GIA, the 4Cs. Moissanite's don't have a recognizable grading scale from the GIA. However, there are guidelines under the same principles that can be applied when buying moissanite stones.

Moissanite cut refers to the proportions and symmetry that allow light to pass through displaying brilliance and fire. Brilliance is the white light in a sparkle and fire is the rainbow light. Premium quality moissanite like the Forever One Moissanite from Charles and Colvard is cut the strict proportions that moissanites need in order to shine bright.

Moissanites actually shine brighter than a diamond, which some actually find distracting, or even tacky. Diamonds have a refractive index of 2.4 and moissanites have a refractive index of 2.6, making the brilliance more intense than a diamond.

While there is not an official cut grade for any moissanite shape, most people prefer the round cut moissanite. Some fancy shapes like princess, pear, radiant, Asscher, and marquise can be moissanite stones.

When moissanites were first becoming popular, they weren't always colorless. All moissanites contained a hint of color, usually yellow or brownish. These colors may be comparable to diamond color grade of J-M.

Today, moissanites can be found in a range of colors, exactly like the GIA's color grade system for natural diamonds. The color grades for both moissanite and diamond is DEF, GHI, and J-M. Super premium moissanites are colorless D-F. Premium moissanites are near colorless G-I. JKL have faint tint to them and are regular moissanite. Moissanites with faint color hues of yellow or brown will look nice in rose gold or yellow gold bridal sets.

You should be aware that even colorless moissanite doesn't always look colorless. Moissanite's color changes in lighting, which is one reason why people opt for the steady color display of a natural mined diamond.

When a stone is created in a lab like moissanite, it doesn't usually leave inclusions or imperfection in the stone. With diamonds, you're more likely to find bits of crystal trapped in the stone. Moissanites will always be eye-clean, but diamonds will cost more to be eye-clean.

Moissanites allow you to get bigger bling for your buck and costs you less. This is a huge reason why people may opt for a moissanite ring as an alternative to diamond. We said earlier that a loose 1 carat diamond of high quality costs around $4000. Instead of thinking about moissanites in carats, let's consider the size.

A one carat diamond is about 6.5mm. A colorless moissanite that costs $4000 will be roughly 11mm. That's how much larger a stone you can get. Of course, you'll want to keep in mind that the blinding sparkle of moissanite increases its effect the larger the stone is.

You shouldn't come into many issues if you're purposely seeking a moissanite ring. The main red flag when it comes to moissanite is misrepresentation. At some places, you'll see moissanite called a "moissanite diamond". This is incredibly misleading. A moissanite may look like a diamond, but the composition is completely different.

Therein lies the problem when buying moissanite. A person who is looking for a diamond may come across moissanite diamonds and think it's the real thing. Some jewelry stores have even duped their customers into purchasing a moissanite under the impression of it being a diamond, like this article here.

The other thing you want to look out when buying moissanite rings is just misinformation. There's a lot of inconsistencies in the moissanite market where people claim that they are almost the same as a diamond, when the two are very different.

Others may tell you that moissanite is a type of diamond, which it isn't. It's a gemstone all on its own. Some will tell you the value of a moissanite will increase over time. There is a very small chance of that happening. Natural diamonds don't go up in value, they stay the same.

There are two reasons why you want to observe moissanite before you go and purchase one in your cart. We've talked about how a moissanite ring has a higher show of light than a diamond. Here's a good video comparison of a Harro Gem moissanite, a natural diamond, and a Forever One super premium moissanite from Charles & Colvard.

I have to say, the flashiness is a bit much for me, especially when it comes to shaded light on the Forever One moissanite. The white light is so overwhelming that I can't even tell there's a stone beyond all that light. I prefer the subtle, yet sparkly look of the diamond in the center. I can see deep into the stone while still enjoy the rainbow light and sparkle. The Harro Gem also looks too gray to me in some lighting and then too flashy in other. I like that diamonds stay close to the same in sunlight or shade.

Make sure you have a good idea of what you're buying before you buy it, even if you have to search for videos yourself. Many companies won't provide high quality videos like they do with diamonds, for moissanite. This is another reason why some prefer diamonds. James Allen uses a 360 viewing technology that allows you to see their diamonds and synthetic diamonds up close and personal.

A good thing to remember is the setting of your ring. If your moissanite ring is white gold, you're going to want a lifetime warranty. White gold needs rhodium plating, which has to be done in order to keep its silvery white color.

Prongs will have to be retipped and stones may need to be tightened. Don't forget about resizing either. It might be difficult to find someone that will replace your moissanite stone it it falls out. Cover your bases with a decent warranty that you can live with.

Forever One Moissanite:- Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite is an achievement of art, science and sustained efforts. The structural arrangement of this specific moissanite material is what yields its unprecedented, colourless (D-E-F) quality. While it's optical and hardness traits remain the same, it is the stacking of SiC substance that makes Forever One moissanite different from others.

Forever Classic Moissanite:- With constant efforts, Charles & Colvard developed the second grade of Forever One, in G-H-I quality which was named as Forever Classic. Possessing the same optical properties of the DEF quality moissanite, this one yields a warm tint. 041b061a72


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