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Buy Roses Australia

It was in the early 90's that James saw an opportunity in the new world of ecommerce for a business focused on roses. His concept of a brand known for its quality - "the Tiffany of flowers" - led to the creation of Roses Only.

buy roses australia

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"Roses Only is a luxury brand," James explains. "Our customers are discerning, and they trust us to source the best roses available, no matter where in the world they are grown." The quest for quality led James to look beyond Australia's seasonal trade - to Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya. There he found the longer stems and larger heads he wanted to bring to our customers.

From the outset, it has been our attention to detail that makes us stand out. Complete quality control and a continuous search for the very finest roses define the brand. While our roots are in Australia, we now serve customers from London, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong.

We supply roses with genuine long stems - they measure sixty to seventy centimeters (24 to 28 inches) - from the finest producers in the world. From each crop, we select only the most beautiful blooms. Our florists finish each flower by hand, carefully removing their guard petals and arranging them in our signature gift box.

A son of migrant Greek parents, James had a humble beginning having worked throughout his school life in the family small business; a florist established in Town Hall Station, Sydney Australia. From the age of five, James accompanied his father at the markets buying flowers. In the early 1990s James identified an opportunity with roses and began to look at business opportunities online and away from shopfronts. It was here Roses Only was born.

The quest for quality including the longest stems and biggest heads led the company to start importing product from Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya due to roses being seasonal in Australia. Total quality control was paramount for James. His attention to detail in business ensured that no customer was ever disappointed.

From the introducers of the revolutionary Knock Out\u00AE Family of Roses, comes Drift\u00AE, a breakthrough collection of groundcover roses. These repeat-blooming, compact roses are perfect for any size garden and are easy to grow.

Expressing your gratitude with beautiful flowers does not have to be expensive. With Bloomex, you can buy cheap roses of the highest quality for any occasion. A gorgeous arrangement made by a professional florist can make any person happy! No matter who you want to impress, we will fulfill your goal in the shortest period.

You do not need to worry how much a dozen red roses cost since Bloomex offers the best prices in Australia. Despite that, our bouquets always look like a million dollars. You can choose any option from the catalog and rest assured the recipient would get fresh flowers on time.

Grandiflora cut roses are grown right here in Australia which guarantees superior freshness and extended vase life. Our collection of more than 100 rose varieties showcases a wide range of shapes, colours, and size. In addition, Grandiflora is the exclusive Australian grower of Classic Roses and Clustar Roses. Our roses are available year round.

We take great pride in our reputation as the grower of "Australia's finest roses." We only offer and supply roses that are grown and produced in our own facilities. Grandiflora has won multiple gold awards at the Melbourne International Flower Show for "Best Quality Cut Flowers".

For more than 60 years, Grandiflora has been a leading pioneer in the Australian floriculture industry. Our goal is to continue as a breeder of fresh cut roses in Australia and around the globe as we regularly introduce our new creative & captivating roses.

We have sourced a huge range of new release roses, popular cultivars, and even some sold-out rose varieties, from Australia's finest rose grower, Treloar Roses. More cultivars are arriving in the coming weeks too, so if you are a rose aficionado, subscribe at the bottom of this page to be the first to know what is coming and when it arrives.

We guarantee your roses will arrive healthy and ready to grace your spring and summer gardens with luscious aromas, colours, and textures. Every order comes with our rose care instructions and there's always someone on hand here to help with your planting, care, and pruning inquiries. Even if you are new to rose gardening, we have you covered.

Should you require help in choosing your roses and cottage perennials or perhaps in planning or caring for your rose garden, please pop into the nursery in Carmel for a chat about all things Roses. Please keep in mind over-head watering is used throughout the day so consider your foot wear!

Our Large Red Rose Bear provides the most luxurious combination between Teddy Bears and iconic roses. Our Rose Bears come in a variety of different colours, where each individual rose lasts an infinite amount of time. Our Large Red Rose Bear is the perfect gift for your Valentine, and personify the words 'I Love You'

Our Rose Bears provide the most luxurious combination between Teddy Bears and iconic roses. Our Rose Bears come in a variety of different colours, where each individual rose lasts an infinite amount of time. Our Rose Bears are the perfect gift for your Valentine, and personify the words 'I Love You'

A 250g bottle treats up to 500 plants, making it an affordable and efficient solution for the home gardener. Its versatile nature makes it ideal for use in both garden beds and flower pots, so however you grow your roses and ornamental flowers, our range is there for you. Find a Richgro stockist near you and find out why some of the most beautiful flowers are protected by Bug Killa. 041b061a72


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