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Zinstall Migration Kit Pro 335

A set of categories can be selected to streamline migration efforts in a corporate environment or home PC, and depending on the differences, the Kit can help move your data. Categories include personalization, applications, documents, settings, and fixtures and passwords. You can run operations one-by-one in any category or categories, or perform all operations at once.

zinstall migration kit pro 335

To facilitate the job, you can save all current settings in case you want to perform a reinstallation using the same options later on. The Kit also comes with a check box that prevents the migration when new versions of Windows are installed on the destination PC, but you can switch it off to run any operation as usual.

The zinstall migration kit is the third version of their migration tool. It is faster and more functional than previous versions of the tool. Still in beta testing, it is available for a one-time fee of $99.95.

The zinstall migration kit goes beyond software migrations. It also supports Windows Server, Azure Active Directory and VDI transfers. Plus, the zinstall migration kit comes with a 24-month money back guarantee in case the software doesnt do what you expected.

Zinstall is one of the few tools that address Windows Server migrations. Their Migration Kit Pro is the ultimate solution for a Windows Server migration. This tool will go beyond the standard $299 subscription pricing model most Windows Server migration tools offer.

Ive used Zinstall to perform multiple migrations on both client and server computers. I have found that Zinstall is the best software for migrating your software and hardware. Its intuitive, powerful and simple to use.


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