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Where To Buy Tods Shoes

Tod's S.p.A., also known as Tod's Group, is an Italian company which produces luxury shoes and other leather goods. The company is majority controlled by the founding family Della Valle Family and is listed on the Italy's Milan Stock Exchange being part of the FTSE Italia Mid Cap index. It is presided over by businessman Diego Della Valle.

where to buy tods shoes


Filippo Della Valle started the shoemaking business out of a basement in the late 1920s. Diego Della Valle, the elder son of Dorino Della Valle and a grandson of Filippo Della Valle, expanded the workshop and turned it into a factory that started manufacturing shoes for American department stores in the 1970s. Mr. Della Valle says he became interested in the retailer on his first visit to the United States as a youth, when he stopped in at a Saks Fifth Avenue store, to which his father used to sell shoes.[3]

Diego brought in innovative marketing strategies in the early 1980s, kept the handmade manufacturing process and went on to create brands of lifestyle named Tod's, Hogan and Fay. Roger Vivier, maker of high luxury shoes, was acquired in the mid-1990s and developed starting in 2000.[4] In 2003, Italian designer Bruno Frisoni was hired as Roger Vivier's Creative Director.

(Reuters) - Italy's Tod's appointed a former Google executive as chief digital and innovation officer to ramp up its ongoing digital transformation, the shoes and leather goods company said on Friday.

Sales of Roger Vivier decreased 2.3 percent to 90.4 million euros. At constant exchange, they rose 2.6 percent. In line with expectations, shoes recorded positive results in the second quarter, with the real start of sales for the summer season. In March, Roger Vivier appointed Gherardo Felloni new creative director, with his first official collection to be presented in September, and succeeding Bruno Frisoni.

Yet he also says there is an obligation for companies such as Tod's to give back to the community, looking after the workforce well and dispensing money to charity. An example of the Italian putting his money where his mouth was came recently, when he pledged 25 million euros ($34 million) to help restore the famous Colosseum in Rome, the magnificent arena once used to stage to-the-death shows between gladiators and, on occasion, fierce animals such as lions and bears.

Della Valle has no insomnia problems these days, when staying at his homes in Milan, Capri, New York, Miami or Paris, or onboard his personal jet. It touches down regularly in China, which he visits several times a year to check on the ever-expanding number of stores. China accounts for an ever-increasing percentage of Tod's annual turnover, with eager consumers snapping up the distinctive sole-studded driving shoes, along with various other shoes, bags and belts.

Della Valle himself matches Tod's clothing and footwear, accessories and shoes with bespoke ties, shirts and jackets from an Italian master tailor. On less formal occasions, he pairs a blazer with one of his 50 pairs of Levi's jeans, arguably the most enduring, and certainly the most egalitarian, fashion brand of them all.

Della Valle is also not averse to spending time on the beach, or sailing on the ocean, himself, if time permits. His favorite haunt is the Italian island of Capri, where the family has a home in a converted monastery.

It began with a simple pair of shoddily-made driving shoes, picked up many years ago, when Della Valle spent time in the United States. He showed them to his father, a master shoemaker, suggesting that the style might be the template for a luxury casual shoe, one that could be worn for driving, around the house, or at soirees.

The Tod's brand has major expansion plans in China, but Della Valle stresses that the company will not be here, there and everywhere. The plan is to emphasize that Tod's is an exclusive brand for discerning women who prefer discreet logos and quality to bling-bling.

Above: Diego Della Valle, president and CEO of the Italian leather goods company, Tod's. Below: Tod's shoes, in many different colors and styles, are a favored weekend footwear. Photos Provided to China Daily 041b061a72


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