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Use Virtualbox For Mac On Windows |VERIFIED|

for windows: install hyper-V in the windows features, restartthen in the cmd run as administrator and use your own virtual machine name instead Mac Mojave for the code below, try option one if it still doesnt work try option 2

Use Virtualbox For Mac On Windows

Genio!!! Funcionó a la perfección!! Yo venía de windows 8,1 y reinstalé todo en windows 10, busqué mucho el el tema del windows 10 pero nada funcionaba.La imagen ya la tenía funcionando en windows 8.1 con VM versión 6.1.16Y con esto pude hacerla funcionar en windows 10 con VM 6.1.32.Muchas gracias por el aporte!

I have been working on this a while, I can find my USB and my V/D. I am running Windows 10 and when I try to access the USB, Drive, CD it the error I get is cannot read the format. I used TransMac to read the files and they are all there. How do I get windows or VB to access the drives, USB, CD, VD with out and error. I did try Guess CD no luck. Ok can you help.

Hi Jake, im over my google drive limit and had to download 5 individual rar files. Do I open them and add them in virtualbox individually and in any order or do I need to combine them first before or after opening them then add to virtualbox. Cheers Rob.

can anyone help me, I do everything which is written here, I have 4gb ram, windows 10, virtual box and I5 proccessor , and I give 70% of my ram which is 3196 something ram to macOS but when i start it there is a black screen and it will remain for forever. What can i do please help me.

This is a guide to install virtualbox on your mac device. Virtualbox allows you to run the windows operating system on a non-windows device. Application results will vary. This process from complete start to finish may take up an hour.

You can install VirtualBox Guest Additions using the VBoxGuestAdditions.iso file on any guest operating system. Make note there is a version of Guest Additions for each VirtualBox version. Some of the features include seamless windows, shared folders, mouse pointer integration, shared clipboard, time synchronization and others.

You will also need to download an .iso file for the operating system that you want to run in your virtual machine. For instance, you can download a Windows 10 .iso file here: -us/software-download/windows10ISO

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