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Where To Buy Swiss Army Watches [VERIFIED]

The Victorinox I.N.O.X watch is all about pushing the boundaries of resilience. Built for explorers and adventurists, the models from this collection have been subject to a stringent line of tests to determine their endurance, resilience and robustness. I.N.O.X watches are resistant to 200-meter water depths, can be dropped from heights up to 10 metres and have been driven over 8-ton trucks and still withstood their performance. These versatile, durable watches comprise the Mechanical sub-collection, the Titanium series and the Professional Diver range, as well as the classic I.N.O.X collection and Carbon line. There is also a selection of accessories and straps to choose from, including the Paracord strap, which meets the rigorous standards of the American army with its nylon cord and durable seven-strand outer sheath. The material is used in fishing nets and has been transformed by master craftsmen at Victorinox for its various uses on the wrist. I.N.O.X Mechanical watches, as well as being powered by an automatic movement, also boast guilloche patterned dials that mimic the Swiss Army Knife handle and promise a strong, durable design for facing harsh external conditions.

where to buy swiss army watches


The history behind Victorinox watches is a fascinating one, especially because it all started as a cutler workshop in Ibach-Schwyz Switzerland where Karl Elsner was the first manufacturer to supply the soldiers knife to the Swiss Army until the iconic Swiss Army Knife was brought to life. Expanding business, Victorinox then began to design and craft watches with the same unmistakable aesthetic and bold personality of the army knife. The Victorinox Inox watch is one of their most impressive collections that proves the brands passion to offer only the best, with watch straps made from fireman boots and cases that have been driven over by a 64 ton tank. In our Victorinox watch reviews we explore all these breathtaking innovations alongside all their brand new releases. 041b061a72


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