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[S3E13] A Late Delivery From Avalon [CRACKED]

Dr. Franklin gets a visit from an old friend and former mentor, xenoarchaeologist Dr. Vance Hendricks who wants Franklin's help to analyze some organic artifacts he found on a dead world. But the artifacts seem to have a will of their own and start to manipulate Hendricks' assistant.

[S3E13] A Late Delivery from Avalon

The crew is in Australia to work on one of the cruise line's ships based there. A wealthy man named William Farnsworth (Lloyd Bridges) has decided to invite his whole family for a reunion. However, he really wants to see who among them he should keep in his will. Among them is his niece, Marcia (Jessica Walter), who is not exactly fond of him, because she believes that because of him her father became penniless. She brings along a friend, Jessica (Linda Evans), who has a knack of getting wealthy men to marry her for the purpose of getting him to marry her so that she could get what Marcia thinks she deserves. He asks his niece, Jenny (Morgan Fairchild) and her husband Bud (Grant Goodeve), to come but they are divorced so they have to pretend that they are still married. After her fiancé (Alan Fletcher) calls, he comes aboard and refuses to leave and when he is told there are no more cabins, he stays with them. Farnsworth's secretary and niece, Eloise (Beth Howland) gets him a replacement valet, Wayne (Jim Nabors) who's not exactly what he is used to. Wayne and Eloise get close. Gopher thinks he might be related to Farnsworth and could be entitled to his fortune. Stubing meets an old flame's daughter, Melanie (Margaret Laurence) and when he has to go, she decides to join him and he keeps his distance because he cannot seem to separate her from her late mother. Julie cannot help but think about Tony Selkirk (Anthony Andrews), the guy she nearly married but he chose not to get married because he was dying.

When a fraternity has the turnover of one of their relics from one chapter to another, the chapter receiving the relic feels the chapter currently in possession of it is not worthy to be part of the fraternity, so the recipient chapter leader (Tim Ryan) tries to make it appear that they violated several of the fraternity's laws so that they would be thrown out. He even sends a girl (Karen L. Scott) to seduce and distract the leader (Steven Eckholdt) of the other group, who seems to keep them in check. And two couples, who were also in the fraternity 20 years ago and were hippies then, meet and while one of them (Larry Wilcox and Carlene Watkins) are still hippies, the other one is now more yuppie (Melanie Chartoff and James Houghton), so they feel as if they don't have anything in common anymore.

Karen is supposed to meet up with Woody and serve as a character witness in his trial for impersonating Dr. Amerigo Catalon, but to her frustration he's running late and instead calls her. Karen becomes even more frustrated when he tells her that he will be representing himself in court, and she can only advise him to hurry up and stick to the story that he was an undercover officer sent to the Herschel House to protect Lassiter. Karen hangs up on Woody when she sees a call from Richard coming in, and she has to disappoint him with the news that she won't be able to make it home in time for their planned departure. They agree that he and Iris should go on ahead to their camping spot and she will join them there later.

Shawn and Gus arrive at the Cayucos address on the real ID and decide to break in. They find a big board full of photos and newspaper clippings before they are confronted by Alan Decker, Selene's husband. He tells them the story of Ronald "The Bull" Cole, a brewery CEO who is secretly a drug-smuggling arms dealer, and meanwhile Selene tells Juliet and Karen the same story from her perspective. Alan and Selene met when they were both sent to Cole's brewery works, he as a private investigator while she had to take photos of a comp claim. They decided to work together, and soon sparks started to fly. When they tailed a delivery van to a drop-off, they witnessed an altercation between Cole's bodyguard and a thug. A gun was left behind, but the police turned a deaf ear when presented with this evidence as they didn't believe Cole could possibly be a criminal. Intoxicated by the prospect of fighting crime alone, Alan and Selene got married by Alan's cousin on a whim. However, they soon realized Cole's goons would find them wherever they went and split up to stay alive. Alan figured he had nothing else to lose and kept investigating, whereas Selene moved on and found Gus. As she does not want to lose him, the trio decide to save him and Shawn before they can get into even more trouble.

Karen: [takes Woody's phone call] Woody, you should be here by now.Woody: Oh, don't be a Karen, Karen. Have you ever heard the term "fashionably late"?Karen: You're the defendant.Woody: Class is class. Even when the state is trying to prosecute you wrongfully.Karen: Okay, get here now. You have a little reprieve because your public defender still hasn't arrived yet.Woody: Well, of course they aren't there, because they are me. Ta-da! I have decided to represent myself.Karen: [indignantly] Wait. Wait, what? Noooooooo.Woody: Hear me out. This way, I can pocket the money they had earmarked for the public defender. I figure I can drag out the trial for six months, build up a nice little nest egg for myself, and then plead out insanity!Karen: Woody, I carved out 90 minutes for this hearing. And you can't just decide that you're an attorney.Woody: Chief, I wasn't born yesterday. I passed the bar. Is the judge going to be wearing this? [shows marching band jacket] I don't want to step on his toes. I sent all the pertinent information to your assistant. [lies down on bed] I think you'll find it all checks out.Chipera: [to Karen] They're ready for us.Karen: [angrily] Woody, leave your house now. I will stall, okay? And on the way, go over your statement. Stick only to the facts. You were not impersonating a doctor for fun. You were working undercover, for Chief Carlton Lassiter, who was in imminent danger from the people who were working at the rehab facility. And don't mention the surgery that you tried to perform.Woody: Oh, please, it was a small outpatient surgery, and I underbilled the insurance company.Karen: Okay, Woody, I have another call. Be here in ten minutes, or you don't have a character witness.Woody: Oh, I need an hour. I just shaved my armpits. I need to bronze...[Karen hangs up]

His first shop on the server was a shop selling bee-related products. Using his land wisely, he then made a Rock Shop underneath it. The shop was a major success and got him the diamonds he needed for his next shop, his most notable customer being BdoubleO100. He then partnered with Keralis in creating a concrete shop, buying several llamas from VintageBeef and using them to store concrete while the shop was being constructed. He still uses the llamas to sell concrete at a lower price, which has been a major success, selling all of the concrete featured. He and Keralis have done a lot of work on the interior going for an industrial vibe, and leaving even more room for things to be done in the future. 041b061a72


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