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Alert For Facebook App

Your Apple iPhone, Android device, and desktop web browsers allow you to choose the sites you want to receive alerts from. You or someone else may have changed a setting on your phone or web browser, blocking Facebook alerts.

alert for facebook app

But there are ways to comment without succumbing to the onslaught of notifications. You could, for example, go into the Notifications tab in your account's settings and establish rules for when you want to receive alerts and when you don't.

Facebook has developed a reputation for spamming users. The smartphone app bombards you with alerts. Dozens of emails arrive every day. And every time you log into the web app, you're sure to see lots of new notifications.

The process to delete Facebook notifications on the smartphone app is similar. Just fire up the app and tap on the Notifications tab. Once you've found the alert you want to get rid of, tap on the three dots and choose Remove this notification.

However, you haven't really solved the problem. If you don't clear the notifications, they will return as soon as you get a new alert. To permanently clear notifications on Facebook, you need to mark them all as read.

There are two ways to approach the problem. You can either turn off notifications for particular types of alerts as they arrive, or you can deploy a more holistic approach from Facebook's Settings menu.

Tabs that you can disable alerts or remove entirely using this way include Groups, Watch, News, and Shop. You may not see all of those tabs on your interface because it varies based on accounts and app versions. For instance, in my Facebook app for iOS, Marketplace used to be there before being replaced with News, then News was kicked back off and switched with Shop (the new name for Marketplace).

In the Facebook app for iOS, long-press (or tap-and-hold) a tab, then hit "Remove from shortcut bar," just as in Option 1 above. As soon as you do that, the tab will disappear, and an alert will pop up to let you know you can find it in Settings later. Tap that "Settings" button before it vanishes, and you can toggle off Videos on Watch and Shop (but your options may be different).

Alternatives to blocking: Instead of blocking, you can also hide alerts from individuals, which works the same as muting them. On iOS, open a chat conversation, tap on the contact profile, and toggle the Hide Alerts setting on. On Android, go to a chat conversation with the contact, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, tap Details, then Notifications, and select Silent.


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