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Tried everything, but nothing is working to resolve your symptoms of dis-ease or weight-gain?


Frustrated with a “symptom management” approach to healthcare?


Are you proactively seeking to build immune resilience to protect yourself from threats of all kind?


Are you curious how you can prevent your family’s health history from becoming your story?


It’s time to take a functional approach to your health.


Functional Medicine goes far beyond treating the symptoms by discovering and addressing the root causes with the goal of achieving greater health and vitality. Patients, medical providers, and health coaches collaborate, using a variety of healing modalities, to help you achieve your health goals.


The only problem? 


For many, Functional Medicine has yet to be fully understood and also the financial and time commitment for patients seeking a functional approach is completely out of reach.


Since Functional Medicine is not covered by insurance, extensive initial provider appointments cost hundreds of dollars and take hours to complete… and that’s just the start! From there, labs, supplements, and other therapies can cost hundreds and require hours more. Patients are quickly overwhelmed with both the cost and the intensity of the interventions.


As powerful as functional medicine is for healing, practically, it often isn’t affordable or sustainable. 


So we created a whole new entry point to make functional medicine more approachable.


Welcome To Functional Medicine

Designed with patients like you in mind, Welcome To Functional Medicine is a group coaching event that breaks down the functional medicine process into incremental steps that are more  approachable, affordable, and most importantly...sustainable.

What makes Welcome To Functional Medicine unique?

In Welcome To Functional Medicine Group Coaching Events, you will register for a 4-week event. Each week you’ll hear from Dr. Nathan Morris, MD, a Functional Medicine provider on important topics such as what is Functional Medicine, what is Nutritional Genomics and why is this meaningful to you and your family. Plus, you will be working with me as your health coach on approaching lifestyle changes, implementing lifestyle changes, and sustaining lifestyle changes.

If you do decide you want to deepen your healing journey, you can schedule a discounted new patient appointment with Dr.  Nathan Morris upon completion of this 4-week Welcome To Functional Medicine event. Dr. Morris will guide you to investigate and understand the sources of inflammation and your genetic code that are root causes creating your  unique and current symptoms set. No more symptom management. You can now choose to restore health and vitality via root cause resolution. 

Functional medicine is an investment in your future health and happiness. Let’s work together to make it a solid investment.

Your Functional Medicine journey starts here!

Purchase Partnership Tools Here  (Care Planner Guide: Menu of Options ebook coming soon)

Register Here.
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