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The functional medicine model of care offers a patient-centered approach to illness. It seeks to answer the question, “Why are you ill?” 'What's causing your symptoms?" It can also be referred to as Personalized Medicine or Lifestyle Medicine.

Functional Medicine takes your entire being into consideration such as your family and medical history, as well as your genetics.  Gathering this information is the first step to understanding the sources of your inflammation aka root cause(s) creating your symptoms. Sources of inflammation or Root causes include triggers such as stress & trauma, poor nutrition, vitamin, mineral, omega 3 deficiencies, toxins, genetics, finances, and the integrity of your gut's mucosal lining and balance of the good and bad bacteria.

Understanding the sources of your inflammation will steer the co-creation of your personalized care plan. Your plan will address many aspects of your life, from physical needs, including nutrition, exercise, and sleep, to mental and emotional stressors related to social, work, and community life, as well as your spirituality and sources of inspiration and comfort.

The foundation of functional medicine is the use of food as a front-line therapy. Low-inflammatory nutrition, combined with lifestyle, nutritional supplements, mindset, and cultivating a positive identity will help you take charge of your health.

In 2014, Cleveland Clinic was the first academic medical center in the country to establish a dedicated functional medicine program.

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